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These videos accompany each week of the study. Stream the videos below or download the files and use them on your favorite device.

Episode 1: Around the Table

Join John Ortberg on a journey toward deeper connections with God and others—it all starts around the table.

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Episode 2: Created for Connection

Find out how everyone—even God—is constantly sending out bids for connection, and how we can learn to notice them more.

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Episode 3: Compassion and Commitment

Listen as John Ortberg describes the freedom that comes with trusting and knowing one another.

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Episode 4: Walls and Cracks

Take a mental walk with John Ortberg along a cracked wall to start thinking about the divisions we have built with our own hands.

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Episode 5: Wounds and Healing

Accept an invitation to enjoy real connection with God and others through suffering.

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Episode 6: Real and Close

After connecting around our own tables, John Ortberg challenges us to follow Jesus and get out and connect with others.

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Download or stream John Ortberg preaching on Episode 1: Around the Table. This sermon can be shown to your congregation in place of that weeks sermon, or can be used as a starting point to build your own.

Download sermon notes or full transcripts of sermons that you can use to lead your church through this study.

Week 1 Sermon: The Table
Week 2 Sermon: What We're Made For
Week 3 Sermon: Commitment Phobes Anonymous
Week 4 Sermon: Truth Will Set You Free
Week 5 Sermon: Deep Down Dark
Week 6 Sermon: Nobodys Perfect


Use this downloadable E-Invite to send out to your group!

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